Early Childhood (ages 3 & 4) Dress Code

To help families plan appropriate clothing for their children in the early childhood program, we have been asked to publish a dress code. Please use the guidelines below in making clothing choices for your 3 and 4 year old children at Saint Francis International School

Pants = Students should wear pull-on bottoms (pants, shorts, dresses, skirts) without buttons.  Bottoms should be casual and suitable for outside play and messy activities at all times.  Bottoms should be appropriate to the current weather conditions. We recommend navy blue bottoms.
* 4 year old students may wear bottoms with buttons and zippers when/if  they are able to use them on their own without normal adult help when using the restroom.

Shirts = Students should wear tops (shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, dresses) that are casual and suitable for outside play and messy activities at all times.  Tops should be appropriate to the current weather conditions.   Students may not wear onesie-style tops. We recommend red tops. There is a red SFIS t-shirt available from Flynn O'Hara uniforms.

Shoes & Socks = Students should wear shoes with velcro or snaps (no laces) that are casual and suitable for outside play and messy activities at all times, sneakers are strongly recommended.  Sandals may be worn during warm weather, but mast be closed toe.  Students must wear socks at all times.  Shoes may not have flashing lights of any kind! 
* 4 year old students may wear shoes with laces if they are able to tie their own laces without adult assistance.

Coats & Jackets = Students must wear coats or jackets to school during the cooler months of the school year.

Gym Wear = Please note that on days when students have PE they must wear sneakers and should dress keeping in mind that they will be participating in gym activities.


* When choosing clothes for preschool students, parents should always keep in mind that students in the Saint Francis International School early childhood program are required to be able to use the restroom independently without regular adult assistance.  This means that parents should take into consideration whether children are able to adjust their clothing to use the restroom.  Complex or difficult clothes should be avoided for all preschool students.


Optional Uniform:  Some parents find it helpful to use the school uniform for their preschool children.  Flynn O'Hara does have the polo shirts, gym clothes, jumpers, shorts and pants in sizes to fit preschool children.  Additionally, they do sell pants and shorts with elastic waistbands.  Similar uniform-style clothing for preschool children (down to size 2T) are also available online from frenchtoast.com and Land’s End.


Change of Clothes:  Please remember that preschool students must always have a change of clothes at school in case of accidents.  Parents should ensure that the change of close is appropriate to the child’s current size and the current season.  Change of clothes should include top, bottom, socks, and underwear.