Risse Brothers

Risse Brothers was chosen to be our uniform provider because they offered the best prices and the best location for our families. Click on the tabs above to see the specifics of the new uniform as well as our dress code for students in the Pre-K classes..

There are four ways to buy your uniforms:

1) Go to the Risse Brothers store located at 9700 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway, Lanham, MD 20706

2) Buy your uniforms items directly from the Risse Brothers website (registration required)

3) Come to the St. Camillus Campus on August 1st from 6:30 - 8:30 PM ... Risse Brothers will be selling uniforms in the Camillia Room while you get the chance to meet and greet with the faculty.

4) You may buy items that don't have logos and aren't plaid (such as boys pants, white oxford shirts, walking shorts) from a store of your choice provided your uniform items reasonably look like the ones sold at Risse Brothers (plaid and logoed uniform items are only available from Risse Brothers).




White Cross

You now have the option of purchasing your uniform shoes online from White Cross Office School Shoes. White Cross shoes are quite affordable and are guranteed to meet our dress code.

There are three ways to buy your school shoes:

1) Buy your uniforms items directly from the White Cross School Shoes website

2) You may purchase your shoes from any store provided that they meet the dress code guidelines. The only shoes required to purchased from White Cross are black sneakers worn with the regular school uniform.